Due to COVID-19, workshops are on hold…

Come to Kent County and make something!
Schedule a floorcloth making workshop.

The workshop includes:
1. Basic design
2. Color swatches
3. Decorative painting techniques including:
a. stencilling and stencil making
b. glazing
c. photo transfer
d. decorative painting techniques
4. You will make in the class:
a. One small (2 x 3’) floorcloth
b. One large (3 x 5’ or 4 x 6’) or
c. Two runners
You can bring your own paints if you have a particular paint color you need to match for your home. You can also bring your own photographs to transfer into the design (see my website for pictures of work with photograph transfers.
The class is intensive in order to finish the work in 5 days. But there is a lot of “paint drying time” so there is time to enjoy other aspects of life here in Kent County, including just hanging out.
I provide all the materials you need to make your floorcloth(s).
If you work, we can work out an alternative schedule, although this might be more expensive unless you have a place to stay.

The workshop takes place at my sister’s studio on her beautiful farm.

The cost:
The floorcloth workshop is $1000 for a one on one workshop. If you bring a friend to do the workshop, the cost is $750 per person. I can only work with two people at one time at most due to space restrictions, but also so you get the most out of the workshop you can.
This includes all materials, and all the finished work.

Local Bed and Breakfasts including Brampton Inn and Crow Farmstay B&B and Winery are offering discounts to people who want to come to Kent County for these workshops. We also have a couple of friends with Air B&Bs which are convenient and inexpensive.

There are also two other workshops available in the area, so if you have a friend who wants to come with you and needs something to do :
Bob Ortiz, a local furniture maker who is highly regarded in his field has a “working vacation” where you spend the week with him making one of his amazingly beautiful designs. For more info go to his website:

Chef Kevin McKinney and his wife, Barbara offer custom cooking classes in nearby Kennedyville (just 5 miles from Chestertown)
for more information:

Once we’ve agreed on dates, I ask for a 50%
deposit, the rest due when you come to the class.
Crow Farm’s website is:
Crow Farm is owned by my niece’s family, it is a wonderful place to stay while you are doing your workshop and have offered to discount your stay while you are here for a workshop. It is a working farm with a winery, tasting room and pool.
Brampton Inn’s website is:
Brampton is a beautiful colonial home just outside of Chestertown.
There are many events in Chestertown during the summer, please check out the town website: