May 2022

May News

I hope you can make it to the Baltimore Craft Show, at the Baltimore Convention Center, May 20-22, booth #602.  I’m excited to be showing at a real in-person show again.  I’m so looking forward to seeing friends, colleagues, sort of getting back to normal (whatever that means), well there are no words.   

Other news…. (to the end of the world and back again)

Well, I’m back (sort of)…

On a bathroom wall in the middle of nowhere someplace on the Camino were these words:

“todos los pensamientos verdaderamente grandes se conciben mientras se camina”.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen Nietzsche quoted on any bathroom wall around here….

“All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived While Walking”

Needles to say, I didn’t have any great thoughts or epiphanies (except wondering at the difference of what’s on foreign bathroom walls).  But it was still wonderful.

There was a point on the walk where after walking alone for a couple of days, that I felt this bubble of joy.  It was the feeling of total freedom, from myself, which sounds weird, but when you’re so totally alone, there is no longer a sense of self, there is just experiencing going from one minute into the next, there’s no judgement, you give a nod to physical pain (mainly my backpack cutting into my collarbone), but there is no past or future, only the now.

It was beautiful, too.  Although I got sick 100 kms. in, and had to hole up in a hotel room for a few days, which made me miss a couple of stages, it was great getting back on the trail.  The last few days, I met a couple of amazing women, who were both finishing the French Way, and it was wonderful sharing life stories…..

I hope June got her tattoo at the end…… “FREE”

Anyway, here are some photos:

 the beginning


the middle

the end 

and of course, the end of the world….

I hope you followed the trip in Instagram…..well, you really had to be there.

One last thing… the end, in Santiago de Compostela, you go this this place to get your “Compostela”, the certificate that says you walked the walked. It’s in Latin.

So my name in Latin is…. Fidem……what do you think? Should that be my new name?