March 2024

I keep telling myself to update my blog weekly, and yet a year has gone by.   I can barely remember this past year…..let’s see, I did a couple of shows, got COVID, and tried really hard to figure out what I’m still doing: on this planet, living, etc.

I’ve been floundering, I admit it.

Between moments of existential angst, ennui, and momentary glimpses of joy, I feel like I’m just existing.

Oh well, getting ready for the Baltimore Craft show has helped me get out of my own head.

And in two weeks, I’m heading to India and Tibet.  

I don’t know why, but why not?  It’s crazy.  I can’t really afford it (money-wise), but I can’t afford NOT to do it spiritually.

I’ve come to accept poverty and old age.  I just need to find a reason to keep going.

In Her Dark Mind
35 x 19.5″