February 2023


Well, another orbit around the sun.  Every year, I start out thinking that I’m going to be someone different, better.  I’m going to read more, and exercise, and be kind, and let go of the past.  And another orbit around the sun, and I’m still me…

Oh well.  “tomorrow, tomorrow”  

Mostly I work.  I read.  I watch a ton of TV.  I’m planning on this years adventures.

I do recognize that the horizon of my life is getting nearer.  My life is getting smaller.  I have a small house (with everything I need or could ever want).  I have a tiny yard (that I’d like to make beautiful…..my place on the planet.  I spend most of my time in blessed solitude.  I love quiet.  

I have a book that asks me a question every day.  Mostly asking stuff like what do you want, miss, need, etc.  And the thing is, I don’t really want anything.  I don’t need anything (except dental work), 

“that it will never come again is what makes life sweet”  (good old emily dickinson)

Grace.  That would be nice.

Oh, a couple of things……I have a new page in the shop….the sale page….occassionally I will add pieces to this page, at 50% discounts!

Also, Mare (my sister Marilee Schumann) and I are soon to have a “Free Art Stuff” box in front of my house, here at 503 Cannon St., in addition to our AuntieFa’s Free Stuff box (which mainly has foodstuffs.  So keep tuned in…..