Sky and I are heading up to New Hampshire to hike the Appalachian Trail for a couple of weeks!  Stay tuned for what’s new when I get back.





 Recognizing that now times have changed.  Galleries Close, no shows…

We have to make our own way.  I’m going to try to add news to the website, who knows, I may even start to write about life in general……

But for now, here is a flyer about our upcoming Outsider Arts and Entertainment Sale…

A box for random words…..

What a strange year, what a strange world. Just a little over a year ago, there were vague intimations of a pandemic. I did the ACC Baltimore Show, as usual, went to Vegas, where I zip lined through the air to strains of “Strange Magic”, and drove up to visit my daughter to see her new little baby, Aria…..

And then…..

Everything changed. Masks, Purell, isolation (which should also be capitalized). The sudden need for toilet paper and Ramen noodles. A schism in the country, we became The Sneeches in a Dr. Seussian dystopia. It was the maskers v. non-maskers…..the people concerned with others v. the people who seemed only to care about themselves.

If that wasn’t enough, the dark underside of our country’s deep-seeded racism was brutally exposed in multiple deaths not only by police, but other citizens who for their own terrible reasons can’t seem to recognize other human beings as equals. We held up a mirror to ourselves, and it wasn’t pretty. Not only the obviously racist people, but those of us who float through life on a cloud of privilege.

Yes, we met the enemy, and it was us.

How do we respond to things? We feel helpless, and frustrated and fucking angry.

I don’t know.

I do know all I can do is be an example to my children. To raise their awareness, and to just try to do the next right thing.


One of the joys of the past year has been going back to bookbinding. I love the materials….paper, thread, glue. All materials that can be found just sitting around the house.

I have a friend, Beth Dulin, a poet, who became part of my “pod” this last long year, who would come over and we would work on bookbinding projects, and talk talk talk about life and art.

One of my favorite projects was a tiny book I made for writing daily haikus…

The photo on the cover is of my grandparents…..if you saw the whole photo, you would see the only thing I inherited from this lovely pair was Pappy’s workbooks…..

Writing a daily haiku (good, bad, and ugly) has become an exercise, almost meditative.

I love words…..

I would post one of my haikus, but they are mainly pretty bad……