• Prayer Rug Prayer Rug Carm's Entrance
  • Hall Rug Hall Rug Carm's Hallway
  • The Edge The Edge Custom 4 x 7 foot entrance rug, Illinois
  • Julian Schabel doesn't live here Julian Schabel doesn't live here Small kitchen rug
  • Requiem Falling Requiem Falling 4 x 6 foot Rug
  • The Liminalist Gallery The Liminalist Gallery Mixed media, table by Mare Schumann, "Gloria" on floor
  • Liminalist Gallery Liminalist Gallery Floorcloth, Chair by Mare Schumann
  • Gold's Ginkgos 1 Gold's Ginkgos 1 Custom kitchen floorcloth
  • Gold's Gingkos 2 Gold's Gingkos 2 Custom kitchen Rug
  • Entrance Entrance Owners' photo
  • Kitchen Rug Kitchen Rug Large custom kitchen rug, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Entrance Rug Entrance Rug Owner's photo
  • Fern's Fern's 4 x 4 foot custom entrance rug, Rock Hall, Maryland
  • Dining Room Rug Dining Room Rug Custom 6 x 10 foot dining room rug, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Liminalist Musing Liminalist Musing On wall in home, Dallas Texas
  • Dog Bowl Mat Dog Bowl Mat bow wow wow
  • New York Home New York Home Textures Mat
  • Atlanta Kitchen Atlanta Kitchen taking chances
  • Laundry Room Laundry Room
  • Long Kitchen Long Kitchen
  • Atlanta Living Room Atlanta Living Room
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